Lawn irrigation is the biggest use of household water in the U.S. That's nine billion gallons every day. Half of this water is wasted, lost by inefficient irrigation systems that overlap inefficiently and spray water haphazardly on sidewalks and streets. IrriGreen conserves that water.

IrriGreen functions differently than ordinary, mechanical systems. Instead of four to eight sprinkler heads arrayed all around the outside of each irrigation zone, IrriGreen waters from in the inside-out with just one head in the center of each zone. With ordinary systems, installers must connect each head to the main water line with lateral lines. IrriGreen just connects to the main line, no laterals needed. With fewer heads and less pipe, IrriGreen can be installed in half to one-third the time.

Ordinary systems cannot cover an entire lawn without inefficient and wasteful overlapping sprays. IrriGreen provides even coverage without overlapping. Ordinary systems overshoot water onto hardscapes. With IrriGreen, proprietary software continuously computes stream volumes, directions, and distances for each Genius Sprinkler. Like an inkjet printer spraying ink in controlled patterns on a page, IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers “print” water in precise patterns that conform to the exact shape of any lawn.

IrriGreen delivers superior water conservation with spray accuracy and watering uniformity unimaginable with ordinary irrigation systems.

Smart Sprinkler. Smart Control. Irrigation that’s Genius.