Care for detail and my organisation skills made my dream possible: helping you in the most wonderful day of your life.

I have been working for more than 10 years with foreign people, mostly English and Americans, so I have a good knowledge of their needs.

My dual nationality, Dutch-Italian, has helped me a lot to develop an ability to understand easily what foreigners needs are and also a wish to learn more languages, now I’m fluent in English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish and I also speak a bit of German.

Being multilingual has been very useful for me over the years, working as business partner in our family villas rented to foreign people, helping our clients with all their needs.

After graduation in Tourism Economics, I worked for some years in an English Incoming T.O. based in Italy specializing in villas, castles, historical residences and apt. I learned a lot in this company, having many contacts with foreign people who wanted to book their holidays and organizing many services for them from the car rental at the airport to the birthday party at their villa; I then realised that the thing I am good at is planning, so I started thinking about becoming a wedding planner, starting my own business doing the thing I love most: organising the most beautiful day in everyone’s life taking care of all the details and helping you to make your dreams and wishes come true!

I attended two courses for wedding planner in Rome to learn more about this challenging job, what other wedding planners offer, how they work, what the latests trends are and making myself and my team of professionals more and more specialized in planning the perfect Italian wedding dream for you!