It's the Little Things is a project of Community Sustainability USA, Inc. (CSUSA), a tax exempt nonprofit dedicated to creating a culture that is committed to an appreciation of our earth and a desire to protect it and ourselves.

CSUSA brings real-world solutions to the complex problem of sustainability. We use a multi-faceted approach that combines education with proven research-based strategies for behavior modification. Founded in late 2010, CSUSA tailors its innovative “It's the Little Things - My Actions Count” programming to meet the unique needs and dynamics of diverse constituencies, from civic organizations to schools, businesses, social clubs, myriad organizations, and individuals.

CSUSA provides people with education and a system for making and maintaining small behavior changes in their daily lives that together add up to a big impact. By empowering people with the tools and knowledge to adopt sustainable behaviors, the organization is fostering change capable of inspiring a broad transformation in how communities live in balance with the earth’s natural resources.