The Ivey Abitz Story

The company stems from artist/designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz and her husband, artist Joshua Ivey Abitz, and their desire to find beauty in every day existence. placing the elements that create fine art - thought, substance, texture, asymmetry, symmetry, balance and juxtaposition - in a piece of unique clothing makes perfect sense to them. In a world saturated with bland mass-produced cookie-cutter sweatshop-made clothing, Ivey Abitz garments honor the tradition of haute couture, and they bring back bespoke designs to every day life.

Ivey Abitz garments can only be obtained through the Ivey Abitz atelier and online through this website, IveyAbitz.com. Their clients appreciate knowing that the designs can't be "picked up" at a local boutique.

About IveyAbitz.com

ivey abitz is a New York based independent garment design company specializing in vintage inspired clothing for everyday wear, designed by Cynthia Ivey Abitz. View our antique inspired look at IveyAbitz.com. We offer made to order garments for women and men.