Interactive Powers develops technology that helps your organization connect, communicate and engage with your customers, employees and stakeholders. Contact with us to find out more about how we can help you achieve your business communication goals.

Interactive Powers delivers communication platforms that enables advanced real-time interactions over public or private networks. We allow to deploy secure channels with unified voice, video, live chat and screen sharing capabilities for web, apps, and kiosk-based customer engagement to sale or support faster than ever.

Interactive Powers transforms the way you interact with your users. We can change the way people communicate with your brand providing a greater customer experience. With our remote face-to-face communications, you will improve your client relationship and get more successful sales or loyalty programs.

Interactive Powers solutions are designed to be easily integrated into your existing processes. You do not need to remove your current phone lines or equipments. We make all integration as simple as tapping a button in your web browser, tablet or mobile phone.

The Interactive Power team has a wealth of experience in the voice and video industry, and brings this skill and expertise to its powerful range of SDKs

To learn more about IVR and RTC beneficts for your business, please contact us at our website:  www.ivrpowers.com