JAH House (家加佳) = Jesus + Alvis + Helena ^^ An ordinary family with passion and a big vision to bless the community marketplace. ^^
We got married at 2009, similar with almost all newly wed, we experienced some adjustment with laughter and tears. Along the way, we research & study relevant sites & books, observe other families, consulting families who are more experience than us, “on-job-training” etc, of course, a lot of precious lessons learned along the way. Even though we are still a young family and it is just the beginning, but we thank God for keeping us united and loving one another deeper day by day. Early 2012, we have a new addition! Parenting is another level of learning process and this made our family journey even more excited!

We value our family and the importance of family lives. Nowadays we could see from many statistics and social problems that reflected the lacking in family institution. Absence or lack of good father figure & leadership, lack of quality time and communications, lack of right marriage & family value etc have contributed most of that.
Therefore, we are inspired to focus on improving family lives and relationship by researching, interviewing, experimenting, practicing, documenting and sharing in some fun and simple ways.

Setting the Right Foundation
Communication between Husband & Wife
Communication between Parents & Kids
Spending Quality Time
Socialise with Positive people
Think of the Community