JAVA & Co. is brought to you by a husband and wife team with a background in the hospitality, food and restaurant business. Leaving New York City and Las Vegas for a change of pace, brought us to Illinois. After a few years of 'quiet living', the hospitality and food business began calling to us. In 2008, JAVA & Co. was born.

For the owners of JAVA & Co., our TiRUMisu Syrup evokes memories of a rich, delicious Tiramisu with leghorn sauce, late dinners in NYC in quaint little restaurants, dear friends, lots of laughter and a time not soon forgotten. It was our desire to bring these wonderful items to guests and know that they will create memories of their own. Where there is food, there is a party...where there is good food and someone to share it with, time can stand still...and that is how memories can be made.

After many years of preparing these tempting items for our friends and family with rave reviews, we noticed that this syrup was not available to the public, but Chefs have been making it for years. The specialty coffee infused syrup is patterned after an Italian leghorn sauce, which is used in Italy in Italian cooking for both main dishes and desserts. We have a winner. Our delicious small batch recipes are tried and true. We use the freshest ingredients for our handmade items. Even the coffee in our syrups is small-batch roasted from a local coffee roasting company.

Both the syrups and the sweets are made to order and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Guests receive their orders within days for the utmost freshness and flavor. You'll notice upon receipt that the same care taken to prepare the products, was taken in our packaging and presentation. Items come packaged in our custom gift crate with tissue paper, shredded newsprint and finished with a satin ribbon. Most of our packaging is recyclable and/or can be repurposed, such as our custom wood gift crates.  From start to finish, each of our items is prepared with flavor, care and polish.

If you love coffee, you'll love JAVA & Co. Syrups. If you don't love coffee, but love desserts - we may convert you.  Either way, you're sure to love our handmade sweets and custom gifts.

Bon Appetit!