We, at the Jesus Care Children Ministry, are a ministry that reaches out to help needy chldren worldwide. Our mission is to provide educational assistance, medical help, clothing and special food programs, to needy children.
At this time, we are working towards fulfilling different projects and programs that will help better the lives, of those children who are facing very difficult times. At this time, we are working, to provide aide, to those, who are in need of schooling but are unable to afford what is needed for an education. In addition, we provide special food programs, such as Easter, Youth and Christmas food programs. Also, our aim is to keep the children active, in knowing more about Jesus, throughout the summer months, by sponsoring a Children's Vactional Bible Seminar, along with other young people's programs.
In the previous year (2012), we sponsored a food program, for the young people in Pakistan and were able to feed over 300 young people and tell them about Jesus. Also, this past Christmas, we sponsored three different Christmas food and gift programs, which provided food and gifts, for almost 300 more children.
We are a young ministry but our aim is to eventually reach out to many other children in the world, who need our help and support. We would like to also purchase special things for the ministry, such as a film projector, which would allow us to be able to share films about Jesus and other educational material, to the children and young people, along with a van that would help us to transport the children, to special food programs.
We invite you to visit our website at www.jesuscarechildrenministryus.org and reach out a helping hand, to many children who could use our help!