Our business exists to help and support people who have had a timeshare related product "misrepresented" to them, and wish to claim back monies paid to companies who have sold them holiday products under false pretenses.

The work we do can be carried out by individuals without our help but many feel they benefit from our experience and support ... they do not want the hassle of doing it themselves and also do not want to pay the high fees of "no win no fee" companies who often charge in excess of 25% for a successful claim.  Our average fee is in the region of 7.92% (based on an average claim of £6,000 and our maximum fee of £475).  Our fee does not increase in line with the claim amount - it is always £475.

We are not a claims management company or a claims handler, indeed our clients like to think of us as more of a virtual assistant - we prepare all letters and paperwork, carry out any research necessary to provide evidence for a claim, and send this to the client for authorisation and signature.  Due to the fact that the client sends their own paperwork they also receive 100% of any settlement offer and the work we do is totally transparent - the client is involved every step of the way without the worry of how to word letters and respond to technical questions.

Our service can also be used for PPI claims on timeshare linked loans, and we can also liaise with timeshare companies to help clients to surrender their timeshare weeks therefore leaving then free of the burden of annual maintenance fees.