JET2020 LLC is a holistic approach to corporate success and value-add philanthropy. The company was built with the intention to sell its' portfolio whole, or a la carte. Our business would be great for tech start-ups and/or large corporations who are looking to expand or strengthen their brand.

    JET2020 LLC has a substantial social media presence, reaching niche audiences in lifestyle, health, and technology. Please visit our website to learn more about:

   1. Author Eugene Tossany is published in the U.K. and U.S. She writes about Down Syndrome and children's human rights.

    2. VAP Consulting provides small and large technology companies with an opportunity to incorporate CRC technology into their business software.

    3. JET Technologies has been awarded a virtual fashion patent, and 3 patents pending.

    4. JET Technologies has an online school called Buzz Courses, offered on the teachable.com website.

   This is a great company with interest from the business and entertainment industries! We want to make sure we partner with the right brand and people for a mutually beneficial strategy and structure.

Did You Know?
"In favorable economic conditions, the value of [merger and acquisition deals] is well over one trillion U.S. dollars. This helps companies come together in a way that makes them more efficient, taking advantage of economies of scale and scope."

- statista.com