JEWELv is not just another jewelry shopping site; it’s a shopping experience where you can create the perfect piece of custom fine jewelry each and every time. At JEWELv, we want to help create lasting memories and lasting impressions with unique pieces that you have the opportunity to design yourself. We believe the gift of jewelry should be as individual as the person it is designed for, and our state of the art technology allows you to make that happen.  The average jewelry store limits you to the inventory they have selected.  At JEWELv our goal is not to sell you a piece of jewelry out of the case, but to help you create something unique for that special person or special occasion. We craft gifts to be treasured for decades to come by those near and dear to you. From stories that start with once upon a time all the way to happily ever after, JEWELv provides the perfect jewelry pieces for every moment in between.

Variety: JEWELv’s vision is to stimulate your personal expression and creativity.  We want to empower you to create a piece of jewelry that is as original as you are. With over 25 natural gemstones, 5 varieties of recycled precious metals, and hundreds of designs, you have endless opportunities for creativity. We promise to never sell you something you don’t love, and doesn’t perfectly represent who you are.

Virtue: There’s no secrets here. We want to build a lifelong relationship with our shoppers. We want to be a part of every engagement, anniversary, and birthday, and be a part of the moments and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Educating our consumers on the quality of the gemstones and the materials we use is incredibly important to us. You will only ever get the best from us, and we will always be working to make sure of that. We craft timeless jewelry because your stories deserve to be preserved forever.

Value: You can value a piece of jewelry with a price, but here, we value jewelry differently. We value it based on the the relationships it bonded, the occasions it accompanied, the moments it was a part of, and the stories it represents. Your memories are precious, and now your jewelry is, too. Cherish every memory with beautiful jewelry, and forever remember how beautiful that moment was.

Versatility:  We are committed to changing the way you purchase your fine jewelry. Through our innovative technology, you can always visualize the quality and color of your pieces before they arrive. Creating jewelry pieces that match with your personality has never been easier and more exciting.Our team constantly works to be innovative, so you can let your creativity thrive. With our customization technology, there are no limits. JEWELv believes that we can transform the way you buy jewelry like never before.