Joseph James Brewing Company was founded on two simple principles, beer is meant to be shared, and there is a different beer for every palate. With those two ideas in mind Joseph James Brewing Company was launched in 2008 with the intent to bring quality craft beer to Southern Nevada and beyond. Our goal is to brew a diverse array of outstanding beers. As Brewers, we are never satisfied and continuously look to improve each beer we brew.

Now, years later we are proud that our passion for beer has allowed us to reach beyond the borders of Southern Nevada and into other craft markets.Joseph James Brewing Company is proud to be part of the rapidly growing craft beer industry, but we think there are a few things that make us distinct. Our mission at Joseph James Brewing Company is continually to deliver the highest quality products, create classic styles with our own unique touch and to educate consumers about craft beer. At Joseph James Brewing Company we pride ourselves on quality. When we talk about quality, we start with the finest ingredients individually selected for each beer, then use an all-natural process along with staff collaboration to create our beer. This collaborative process found inside the Joseph James Brewing Company plays an instrumental role is the formulation of our beer