We have over 25 years experience restoring and repairing vehicles, boats, buildings and planes with a wide variety of environmental damages. We have developed proven methods, which minimize the stress and risk of damage to all types of surfaces.

Also, we provide total claims management to reduce your administrative time and cost. Plus, we have the most competitive pricing schedule in the industry. No matter where you are, our regional offices and 24-hour hotline can ensure a quick response to your claim all across America and internationally.

We handle claims of all sizes, from 1 car to 1,000 cars or more. We know you'll be 100% satisfied with the results. In fact it's our promise to you.

Gregg Goodhart, President

Just Like New Overspray Removes Environmental Contaminants While Restoring Vehicles, Boats, Buildings, Planes, Machinery, Heavy Equipment, etc.

All work is done by hand using our proven methods by trained professionals. Using overspray removal processes developed by Just Like New, we will remove the foreign contaminant with no damage to the surface. Specific cleaning and removal techniques are based on the type of finish and contaminants involved. Our methods do not void any manufacturer warranties. We have the ability to clean all types of contaminants including but not limited to:

Paint Oversprays (Epoxies, Polyurethanes, etc.)
Road Spray and Tars
Environmental Fallout
Chemical Emissions
Iron Oxides
Caustic Stains, Hydrocarbon  

With Total Claims Management, You Get Total Customer Care.

Just Like New Overspray's goal in providing total management is to make your experience with us hassle-free. Therefore, when you come to us, you get the following:

Free clean ability testing including onsite and/or lab claims analysis.
Pre-cleaning inspection.
Complete exterior detailing with each vehicle.
Cleaning schedules that work for you.
Fully Insured.
Shuttle services to and from job site.
Compensation and job reports.
Professional uniformed crews.
Customer satisfaction guaranteed with signed release.