Here at JMC Automotive Equipment LLC, we advise our customers and clients on the automotive repair shop industry and provide extensive tips when it comes to internet and social media marketing in order to bring in more clientele and retain those clients for the duration of the lifespan of your business.

We have been in the industry for the past 20 years and have extensive knowledge in everything related to the automotive repair industry and can advise you on what products are perfect for you to turn your shop into a complete and professional auto repair shop. Call us up at 877-298-7730 and receive advise from myself or our other experienced advisers in the industry.

A Little bit more about JMC Automotive Equipment LLC

JMC Automotive Equipment Inc was founded in 2006 to provide unique automotive equipment at affordable prices. With a team of highly experienced individuals, JMC Automotive Equipment has searched the world for manufacturing expertise that meets or exceeds industry standards and provides affordable Automotive Equipment to meet customer needs for quality and value.

JMC Automotive Equipment offers a complete line of above ground systems for passenger car, light truck, heavy-duty truck and bus applications, Air Compressors, Spray Booths, Mixing Rooms and other automotive equipment and accessories. Our focus is the 400,000 vehicle repair facilities in North America along with individual home car repair/collector enthusiasts and parking garages.

The JMC Automotive Equipment Commitment
-To actively search world markets for the best Automotive Equipment products.
-To never compromise product safety and quality.
-To be honest and transparent in our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.
-To provide the best value for money spent.
-To constantly develop new and innovative products
-To manage our operating costs so that we can always deliver low prices to stand behind our commitments and promises