Julie Coraccio, owner of JMS Professional Writing Services, has professionally written grants for a variety of non profits, small businesses and corporations with budgets of $30 million to less than $50,000.  When writing proposals she makes sure that not only all her clients’ p’s and q’s are lined up but also that their passion shines through.  With her extensive experience in the nonprofit world Julie can provide more than just grant writing; she can make recommendations on goals and program design.

She has composed and secured government, corporation, and foundation grants in the areas of child abuse, healthcare, technology, employment/training, housing, social services, afterschool programs, science, math, fitness, education, the arts, the environment, youth, seniors, and general operating.

Julie has written federal grants at all levels of government:  (USDA RUS DLT, 21st Century, Health Care Innovative Challenge, ODDJP, Community Development Block Grant, etc.), state  (BASLNPP, CAC, Prop 49, Recertification grants, Displaced Homemakers, TANF, etc.) County (United Way, Wake County, etc.)  and City (CAD, GCP, CDD, Employment Education, etc).

Julie can also research grant funding opportunities and prospects for you as well as write progress and final reports.

As a small business owner, Julie understands the need to have your name “out there” and using keywords in a press release can help drive traffic to your website.  She creates powerful press releases to command media attention with original content combined with knowledgeable keyword strategies to improve your searchability.

Many small business owners have a limited marketing budget (if any), but it’s still essential to generate press releases.  What is a press release?  It can contain general information, announce a new product or improved service, comment on trends or perspectives of interest to a particular industry, announce an upcoming event, or share news about a book, movie, showing, etc.  Julie provides affordable press releases with a structure that reduces the price the more you purchase.

As a small business owner, Julie has written thousands of articles, blogs and social media marketing posts and copywriting.  In today’s business world, being active on social media is a must. Julie provides professionally written social media content to educate people about your product and services in your voice. Quality and original written content combined with knowledgeable keyword strategies can improve your searchability.

Julie learns your business goals because it’s important that they are expressed in your social media. For example, if you are going to sponsor a charity event, people need to know.  The most successful posts she has written have a conversational tone and the company’s passion shines through.  She also believes in adding a personal touch—people do business with people they like.  For example, even if you are a top selling realtor, people will relate to you more if you share interests or discuss a charity that you support.

Julie’s focus is showing that you are the expert in your field, and followers view you as an authority.  Her social media strategy suggests posting regularly, responding to questions from followers, and providing fresh, informative content that leaves someone wanting to know more or retweeting, etc.  Julie also believes in building a social media network and sharing content from other users/similar sites. You want your followers to have the best information without focusing on self promoting.