JMWest Entertainment Group, LLC, was founded by record producer/composer Jean Michel Soupraya as an outgrowth of JMWest Records USA, established in 2004 and JMWest Records (France), established in 1997. JMWest Entertainment has several business units, but primarily functions as a record label. The remaining units encompass the following services: CD/DVD duplication, placement, production, live music showcases, music library, and online store.

JMWest Records »
Record label, artist development, production.

Non-profit/live shows featuring unfunded new talent.

MyJMWest »
Independent artist resources center.
The Mission:
At JMWest Entertainment, LLC, we strive, within each business until, to bring music with a purpose to global mainstream audiences.

We insist on maintaining artistic integrity while consistently raising the bar with our new and innovative approach to sound, development, and to the  marketplace as a whole. Our focus is on "good music" and "good people", which combine to deliver great outcomes that reflect our commitment to achieving unprecedented success in the space.

We rely on innovation, creativity, business acumen, tenacity and strength of conviction to surmount every apparent obstacle in such a way that leads us only, and consistently, to a product, idea, and success greater than what we otherwise would have imagined.