JMango answers the call as the one-stop shop for end-to-end mobile financial and commercial solutions within new and high-growth markets. With its unique proprietary technology, JMango leads the way in providing innovative and seamless transaction and purchasing capabilities for any amount, any device, any where.

Any amount, any device, any where isn’t just a tagline. It’s the three fundamental pillars of JMangos’s commitment to providing end-to-end transaction capabilities on any mobile phone, smartphone or otherwise, in any country, large or small.

JMango has a suite of off the shelf products for business in the telco and financial sectors as well as low cost options for other businesses looking to mobile enable. In addition, JMango does work on large-scale custom development projects.

All JMango products are based built off the patented JMango mobile development platform, meaning that all products are compatible with over 10,000 devices, deployment schedules are the worlds fastest and costs are kept down.