AIM-JORACO manufactures the TOGGLE-AIRE® line of precision pneumatic & manual toggle presses, semi-automatic rotary indexing machines, and assembly and fabrication tooling. Our compact, bench air presses are available with forces from 1/2 to over 16 tons. Whether you are staking, swaging, stamping, crimping, forming, riveting, punching, piercing, blanking, assembling, laminating, or marking... TOGGLE-AIRE® c-frame presses offer you a low cost, field proven, time tested alternative to costly and complicated power presses and hydraulic presses.

Our mission is to extend superior service to the assembly and manufacturing industry while consistently adding to the capabilities of our products through technological advances and product line expansion. We feel the best way to ensure success is to focus on listening to our customers and understanding their applications to provide the most cost-effective, reliable, longest lasting solution. Our 46 year reputation for providing quality TOGGLE-AIRE® presses that meet a wide range of special requirements and our 60 years of service experience are all available to you with one phone call - It's one of your biggest advantages in dealing directly with us.

If your job involves alterations to a standard model you can be sure you'll receive a positive response and complete satisfaction from our factory and our authorized representatives.