JPE Inc. Consulting is a Creative Marketing Services, Business Modeling and Consulting firm, focusing primarily on Technology Start-Ups, Early-Stage, and Growth-Oriented companies. JPE provides technology firms with Virtual Marketing On-Demand (VMOD), which serves to help them define and refine their vision and value propositions, and then design and implement their go-to-market strategies.

We have decades of hands-on IT Market expertise (traditional and online) and literally hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue accomplishment of behalf of organizations we've served to show for it.

The unique value proposition of JPE is its visionary and imaginative staff of marketing and technology experts, bringing forth a font of creative and innovative ideas regarding market access and penetration, defining new niches, and achieving competitive superiority.

We also serve as a trusted single-point interface to a broad network of expert business and technical resources in a variety of areas and disciplines, drawn from across the country and around the world.  If we don't already know the precise answer you need, we know someone who does.

Our headquarters is located in tropical Cape Coral, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico.  We find the warm, relaxed, seaside atmosphere most conducive to inspiration and creativity.

Our core competency is Content Creation.  However, Content Creation isn't just a function of copywriting, graphics, and aesthetic design.  It is a byproduct of the design and crafting of specific value-proposition concepts and critical messaging creation.  You see, at heart, we are talented "storytellers" with the gift of creativity and imagination.  It isn't enough to get your story right.  It first has to be the right story.  And then your story must be told with a Master's touch, with a specific audience in mind, and with a very specific goal for the impact that story needs to make and what actions and reactions are desired for it to cause.  That's why we refer to it as Content "Creation", not just Content Development.  The creation element is where all the new innovative ideas come in.

Secondarily, we don't just stop with a good idea.  Ideas have to be put into practical action to achieve any tangible results.  Our Business Consulting and Marketing Services are where we take your story and map it into documented plans, campaigns, and artifacts for use.

Thirdly, is the Business and IT Services component - i.e. the execution of your plans and campaigns.  Your plans will have all the necessary resources identified to achieve success. You either already have access to what you need, or we can help you fill any gaps from our experts or from our network of resources.

The greatest virtue of our model to you is that it functions as "Virtual Marketing On-Demand (VMOD)".  If all you need is a rebranding exercise and new collaterals developed, or an individual marketing campaign designed and executed, then in all likelihood, we can do it for you for far less than the hiring of one fulltime marketing professional on your staff.

And if your marketing needs are variable -- e.g. heavy on the front end, lighter between campaigns, etc. -- then it makes much more sense to outsource that work on an as-needed, project by project basis, than to maintain a fulltime marketing staff.  Purchase only what you need, when you need it, and never be hindered by a single individual on your staff's level of expertise, skills or domain knowledge limitations.  Get the Deliverables and the Marketing Results without the payroll, HR, and supervisory/management burden.