Who We Are

"The JP Rosen Holdings Corporation" is a boutique advisory firm that specializes in growing our clients’ enterprises quickly and efficiently. We work with you to clarify business goals and to deliver the strategies that will get you there – be it through Strategic Sourcing, Deal Negotiations and Enterprise Risk Management Consulting (ERM).

Our Passion
Our passion is in creating more opportunities for growth by delivering cost-effective, value-add solutions. Each business client we assist is unique, with differing challenges and opportunities. We tailor our approach to address the specific needs of each client in order to quickly realize gains.

Our Partnership
The corporation is headed up by Jason Pierce, an external growth expert, and Claire Ferrier, an internal growth expert as well as Terrence Rosen, a sales & marketing and technology-based engineering product expert. Together they lead the practice, ensuring all possible sources of business growth are brought to the table for each client and that the most effectual areas are pursued for fast and efficient growth.

Who We Help
"The JP Rosen Holdings Corporation" assists firms with revenues from less than a million to hundreds of millions. Our initial consultation is free so you can be assured of the quality of support you will receive. Contact us today.

Strategic Sourcing, Deal Negotiation, Enterprise Risk Management Consulting (ERM)