J. Schwartz LLC looks at itself as a partner in the planning and construction process. We will always strive to be a leader in the high-end residential market. To J. Schwartz LLC that means paying attention to budgets, timelines and details, as well as being accessible to everyone involved in the project on a daily basis. We want be fully aware of our clients’ desires prior to starting the work, and remain open to change and discussion throughout the process. It is our aim to be a partner in the process, not just a player.

From our experience with hundreds of projects, we may see options and ideas that have not been considered; we will always offer these to you so that you have our knowledge behind you. It is our ultimate goal that the new home, addition or renovation is exactly as you wish; and we will work throughout the process to make certain that it is.

We understand the complexity and difficulty associated with residential renovations and additions. We approach the scheduling and construction of all of our projects so that the disruptions to you and your family are kept to a minimum.

We do not look to become a large construction business, as we do not want to lose the intimate nature that residential construction deserves and requires.

J. Schwartz LLC is managed by Joe Schwartz, an Architectural and Civil Engineer that has been involved with construction since 1984. His experiences range from the hands-on leading of framing and trim crews to supervising field construction and running small to multimillion dollar residential projects. He has worked in the commercial sector on Health Care and office building projects that ranged from $7M to $40M. After spending time building homes in both Greenwich, CT and Aspen, CO, Joe founded J. Schwartz LLC to be a leader in the Main Line area in 2001. He has since had the pleasure of leading the business to achieve tremendous growth.

Joe's knowledge base allows him to be involved in all facets of residential construction and fine home building. He is able to make well-informed suggestions and comments on plans and designs in order to achieve the desired result as planned by the architect/designer and required by the client. He firmly believes in the motto "Responsive, Accessible and Detail Oriented" as he respects that a person’s home is an extremely sensitive, emotional place to be doing construction.

Always keeping current on the latest construction methods and materials, Joe has worked on Straw Bale Buildings, the latest technologically advanced Green Buildings and many things in between.