JTM Solutions is a privatley owned Marketing firm, established in Colchester, Essex.  Here at JTM Solutions, we have a modern approach to marketing, originating from a successful American business model.  The programmes and structures in place here concentrate around the ideals of looking after our people, which allows our clients and associates to reach their full potential.

Much of the sucess we have achieved up to this point is directly attributed to the underlying values and mentality of our company.  We are a pure people business, people always come first.  From our clients to our customers, from our colleagues to our business partners, from our suppliers to our cleaners...everybody!  As a result of this, they move our collective goals to the top of our lidt of priorities, hence bringing great results for and from all involved!

All of our systems and procedures are simple and we believe this to be the best kind.  Fom our method of creating Brand Awareness and gaining new customers to our Business Development Programme, simplicity and transparency are common themes throughout!