Looking for lawyers, journalist human rights and civil rights advocates, public at large, writers who can write a real tragic human story real story to be told in books, publications, movies!.
Any location in USA is fine as case law shows can be done any time, anywhere, any court:
Rule 60 (b) FRCP "Collateral Attack" on a void judgment due to fraud on the court.
However the case is real horrendous miscarriage of justice and creates a great deal of public interests as well as public interests in knowing and financing the litigation, and Plaintiff does not know how much it costs but the reward is real and attainable: $1,000,000,000.00.
Plaintiff is mainly interested in using rule 60 (b) "Collateral Attack" on a void judgment due to fraud on the court.
Plaintiff has written statements that his former attorney had extensive conflict of interests working with opposition, and had all reasons to deprive the client from a civil law suit trial by a jury, and concealment of notarized confidential non-disclosure trade secret agreement from the court, client was told that he has no rights in being deposed when client was informed that he was being sanctioned by the court for not taking the deposition!.
The Defendants went on to obtain a VOID-JUDGMENT so they claim is "legal" judgment and benefit from client idea/concept/rights to the project venue in Las Vegas in amount $1,000,000,000.00.
Plaintiff is U.S. citizen living overseas and has no local address and no phone in USA.
So if you are interested let us know please.