Booking Services for Speakers: The JW Speakers Agency is the only company of its kind. Unlike speakers’ bureaus that represent professional speakers, we represent local business owners in Dallas/Fort Worth who use “free” speaking as a way to build their business.

And rather than relying on advertising, social media, email blasts or even our own website to generate speaking opportunities, we find or create opportunities for our clients by reaching out to selective groups by phone and email and make personal contact with the individuals responsible for booking speakers.

We work on commission, not retainer, so if we don’t produce bookings for you, you don’t pay. Our job is to bring you as a speaker together with the kinds of groups mostly likely to include people interested in your products or services, such as:

•Business groups
•Chambers of Commerce
•Moms’ groups and PTAs
•Rotary, Lions, Exchange and Kiwanis Clubs
•Women’s groups
•Women’s business groups
•Women’s ministries and retreats
We handle all aspects of the booking process, including:

•Writing your booking email and professional bio
•Customizing a venue list tailored to your targeted audience and geographic area
•Identifying and contacting key individuals at these groups, and
•Consistently following up with them until we get a confirmed date for you
You will be cc’d or bcc’d on every email that concerns you, so as we reach out to various groups, you will know who we are talking to on your behalf.

And when we get a booking date, you and the organization are sent a confirmation email with each other’s contact information so you can deal directly with each other from that point on. All you’ll have to do is approve the date, show up and do your talk. It’s that simple.

Booking Services for Organizations:  If your organization needs a professional speaker for a keynote address, seminar, workshop, fundraising dinner, church retreat or the like, The JW Speakers Agency can help you find the right one.

Unlike free speakers who don’t get paid to speak, professional speakers can command fees ranging from $500 to $5,000 because of their years of training, expertise and experience on the podium and in their field.

Just like a headhunter in the business world, The JW Speakers Agency will act as a recruiter for your organization and find local, qualified, professional speakers who meet your criteria and fit within your budget.

Once you select a particular speaker, we will act as their agent for your event and handle negotiations with you on their behalf. Our commission will be paid by the speaker from the fee they will receive from you.

You get the speaker you want, the speaker gets a great opportunity to share their gifts and we get to put the two of you together. It’s win-win-win all the way around.