Jade Gallery Hawaii is a world-class design gallery dedicated to jade, the Stone of Heaven, in the center of the Pacific since 2002. Fine collectible jade import from China, and sources worldwide. Private showings by appointment. Custom design, modifications, repair, appraisals, trade shows, auctions, charity benefits. Rare white nephrite, imperial jade; sculpture, bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces.

Xiao Fang Zhou ("Ruby") is the founder of Jade Gallery; she personally travels to jade mines and markets in Asia to find the most rare treasures, to assure their authenticity, and brings them to Hawaii for a select clientele.

The Zhou family is one of the most prestigious in China, and includes the 10th-Century Taoist sage Zhou Dun-Yi, and the modern premier of China, Zhou En-lai, who is Xiao Fang’s great uncle. She brings a deep love of the culture of China to the business of jade.

Call 808-282-6196; email rubyzhou@mac.com  Website http://www.jadegalleryhawaii.com