Kvale Real Estate is dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality service and advice to make working with us the best experience you could expect from doing a real estate transaction. Our passion for real estate and protecting our clients interests are second to none!

Our tagline is “Our Value Is In Our Advice”. This means that what you are paying for when hiring us as your Realtor comes down to the quality of the advice you receive based on what we call “The Four E’s”.


Experience in real estate doesn’t just come from how long a Realtor has been licensed but also how many transactions a Realtor has been involved in. Experience in real estate comes from doing transactions, and so the more transactions (sales) an agent has under their belt the more knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the marketplace they possess.

At Kvale Real Estate we sell a home or property every 4-5 days on average. This knowledge and understanding benefits our clients via the advice and counsel we offer from proper pricing, selling strategies, and expert negotiations.

It sounds simple but isn’t always the case when choosing a Realtor or Real Estate Company. If you’re curious to hear more about how “The Four E’s” affect you we’d love to go into greater detail in person about this.