Grab your crayons, because it’s time to find some place safe and cozy — and bring monsters to life!  Pick up a copy of “This is NOT your kid’s HALLOWEEN cowering… er… COLORING Book,” and get ready slap some color on pictures to die for! | BUY YOUR COPY NOW!

Devils, Demons, Witches, and Evil Old Ladies….. they all live inside this book, and are waiting for your steady hand to bring them to life! Giant spiders, six headed freaks, and even mutant sewer dwelling monsters reside within the pages… along with hideous poems, games, mazes, and other insane stuff!

What prompted this madness?  Last year, Author Jake A. Wheat was sitting at home bored and wanting to color…. but all of the Halloween coloring pages were “cute” and not SCARY enough… so Jake decided it was time to go into his lab and create a coloring book of all coloring books!  The most EVIL COLORING BOOK ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!  A coloring book to destroy all mankind, to manifest your WORST NIGHTMARES and to basically have fun coloring.

So he did it.  After MONTHS of hard work, the book was stitched together piece by piece with the talented contributions from Michael McPhee and once the book was introduced with 100,000,000 volts of ELECTRICITY it was ALLLIIIVEEEEEE!

Now, you can own a infected laboratory crafted genetic clone of this MOST EVIL COLORING BOOK by ordering from this website, and have it shipped directly to your front door!  You may want to order more than one, so that you have PLENTY TO GIVE AWAY to your friends, and enemies!

Don’t forget, that each book comes with a special QR code which when scanned will give you instructions on how to join the “SECRET SOCIETY” and you will have access to password protected EXTRA coloring sheets and other goodies as they are released from this website!  You have to know the code, and the only way to know the code is to GET THE BOOK!

DON’T DECAY, GET YOUR COPY OF “THIS IS NOT YOUR KID’S HALLOWEEN … COWERING…ER…COLORING BOOK” TODAY!  Note:  This book contains scary images, situations, and freaky poems which may not be suitable for young children.  This book does not contain any nudity, nor does it contain any foul language – parental discretion is advised.

Play alittle mood music while you are CHOPPING… er… shopping…. BRUHAHAAHAAAHAA!