JamHub LLC is a Massachusetts-based company that designs, markets and distributes JamHub silent rehearsal studios around the world.  JamHub silent rehearsal studios enable worldwide musicians to jam together anywhere, anytime through headphones with studio-quality sound.  JamHubs solve a problem that many musicians have -- they want to jam with friends but can't always play because of the band volume.  JamHub silent rehearsal studios solves this problem.  Each musician simply plugs in their instrument, headphones, and mic, dials up the mix that THEY want to hear, and the band can start jamming together.  No more volume wars.  And, with a JamHub, recording your sessions is easy.  From feeding your JamHub into your computer or at the push of a button, your sessions are captured on the JamHub TourBus built-in digital recorder.  To learn more, check out www.JamHub.com.