Jamie's Angels On The Move, Inc. is a support system established to assist and empower young adults, ages 16-28 years, managing Special needs and disabilities. By focusing on abilities rather than disabilities, we serve to further develop their strengths and conquer their weaknesses. Our goal is to offer a haven of after school programs with which recipients can connect to a business center where they can access career training, job opportunities and housing placement resources via online services and in-person workshops; gain life skills training through seminars, projects, and role-play; secure emotional well-being counsel and therapeutic services through third-party partners; engage in arts and crafts activities; and enjoy social functions.

Founded by our beloved Jamie Marie Knox, who succumbed to death in 2016 at the tender age of 19-years-old, Jamie's Angels On The Move, Inc. foresees an era where peoples of the world will fully embrace, defend, endorse, and respect persons with Special needs and disabilities. Each of them will be fully integrated into society, maintaining an independent lifestyle and fulfilling their dream regarding family life, housing, and careers.