Jammber is the premier team workflow and payment automation platform for the entertainment industry whose mission is to enrich the lives of people in the entertainment industry by providing technologies that empower and enhance the creative process. Jammber places itself at the intersection of commerce and data for the music industry as an online platform which optimizes the team projects, paperwork and payment aspects of the business.

Lost credits and payments are the oft-ignored but devastatingly common problems that come with the antiquated ways of the music industry. Jammber provides a solution in  technology-enabled SaaS offerings which greatly simplifies project management, payment tools, and  facilitates workflow with unprecedented expediency. Data from these services powers a talent search portal, providing independent talent providers with opportunities for new, revenue-generating projects.

Keeping the creative process in mind when developing technology for artists is extremely important when working at the cross-section of commerce and craft, explains Cobb, Jammber CEO and Co-Founder. In the technology industry buzz words are “speed” and “access”, but at Jammber the focus is on “vision” and “art”. The strength of Jammber is having all the metadata in one convenient place, without encroaching on the creative process.