Jamonify is an exclusive brand selling one of the best Spanish Ibérico Acorn-fed free range hams.
A very exclusive ham valued by the best and most important international gourmets.

We select the best pieces from the best ham artisans in Spain who respect the natural processes. The hams are 100% natural obtained from pigs that only eat herbs and acorns, and they live completely free on the countryside.
Our ham is hand-sliced by skilled artisans and vacuum packaged inmediately to preserve all its properties intact and  to ensure the maximum freshness.  
The packs of just-sliced Ibérico Ham are placed in individual luxurious cases of 80 gr. and sent to the customer in handmade present boxes which have a refined exclusive design.

All the packaging is really impressive and glamorous with a very elegant design. The ham is superb and the delivery only takes 48 h.

A really luxury gourmet product with an exclusive handmade packaging.

A new and original idea to present one of the best hams in the world.