Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age is scheduled for release in paperback and Kindle format February, 2013.  Ms Falke is offering a “sneak peek” prior to release in an online flip page version of one of her favorite chapters.  Readers may review the “sneak peek” for free at http://www.janefalke.com/sneak-peek.html.

Inside the book readers will discover:
•     Shocking statistics about supermarket foods and why they should give you cause for concerns
•     Easy to understand facts about nutrition and how you can balance your intake in the foods you eat
•     A list of foods good for your health and those not
•     Delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes to keep you on the path to good health

“If you’re over-indulging in foods such as alcohol, coffee, caffeinated tea and sugary or diet drinks, over-eat animal products, sugar, table salt, and unhealthy fats… then chances are you’re not as healthy as you could be,” states Falke. You can make positive changes in your diet and overcome many health challenges with proper knowledge and planning. It is important for you to maintain good health if you want to enjoy life“.

Falke invites readers to enjoy a quality lifestyle without being a victim of their body’s aches and pains, which she claims has been caused by eating a diet rich in sugar, processed foods, bad fats and acidic foods. She invites readers to imagine themselves:
•     Sleeping soundly at night
•     Feeling good every single day
•     Losing those pesky excess pounds you’ve been carrying around with you for so long
•     Experiencing less pain
•     No longer having to suffer from bloating, excess mucus, joint stiffness
•     Having boundless amounts of energy, despite yo¬¬ur age

About the Author:
Jane Falke made it her life’s mission to help you make smarter choices. She is living proof that what she preaches actually works. At the time of writing this she is 71 years young. She enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle, without the typical aches and pains of older age. She doesn’t take any medicine and feels fantastic.

Falke’s training includes:
•     A Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition
•     Training as a Microscopist – Live and Dry Blood Analysis
•     Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University/T. Colin Campbell Foundation (Dr. Campbell is a professor at Cornell University and wrote the well documented/researched book on nutrition called The China Study)
•     Certification as an instructor in raw food nutrition and raw food preparation