Dr Josepsh Ross (Whose Pen Name Is Janr Ssor) is an Author of Science Fiction.  He also opened Holistic Vision Care in Putnam County in 1976.   Since then he has been instrumental in founding:  The Optimal Health-Care network of alternative health care providers,  The Winners Circle of  Local Business Leaders and  21Century-Ecommerce.com a software publisher for medical and anti-spam software (Software Written By Dr Ross).   Dr Ross has published hundreds of health letters on alternative care but has always been fascinated by science fiction.  He credits his imaginative and creative works to a family “gift” of awakening in the early hours of the morning in a deep hypnotic like sleep to surrealistic dreams that seem more real than reality.  Though his stories may be fiction,  the author challenges his readers to determine what mystical and creative concepts might just be real.