Janus Investigative Solutions is proud to announce the opening of their new office and to introduce our unique and specialized services for those in the entertainment industry.  These extensive services provide peace of mind for our Clients, by reducing risk while enhancing their safety and privacy.  

Twenty years ago, an obsessed fan stalked, and then murdered an up and coming star.  This not only resulted in mass attention being drawn to the phenomena of stalking, but lead to one of the most comprehensive anti-stalking laws in the nation.  Since then, there are some who call themselves threat assessment practitioners, but who do not fully understand the psychological processes and factors involved.  Janus Investigative Solutions is a leader in the arena of threat assessment.  The process of what we have termed “Situational and Behavioral Assessment”™ is a balanced combination of science, art, and experience.  There are few companies or individuals capable of conducting the level of services we provide, and even fewer who can match our level of customer satisfaction.  In order to maintain our lead, Janus specializes in innovative and technologically advanced strategies for dealing with disruptive and often dangerous fans.  Using technology developed by and used exclusively by Janus, our team is able to quickly and accurately identify individuals of concern, assess their communications, generate an “Approach Inevitability Score”™, and provide solutions for dealing with such individuals.  We acknowledge that each Client, and therefore each individual of concern, is unique, and as such we do not employ the traditional “cookie-cutter” and often outmoded techniques used by other companies.  Instead, we rely on a combination of experience along with scientifically valid and proven situational and behavioral markers - factors that are most indicative of approach and violence.  The stakes are too high to merit waiting until a situation escalates to a danger point, so we advocate a proactive approach, seeking to quickly identify those individuals most at risk, to anticipate their possible behavior and to manage / neutralize any threat.  

Whether it is a pre-employment background investigation, criminal / civil checks or other investigations, Janus brings experience, dedication, total confidentiality, integrity and the firm commitment to exceed our Clients’ expectations.  For public figures, the failure to conduct detailed investigations and obtain accurate information of key personnel can result in private information being leaked to members of the media, embezzlement of finances, or other complications which can result in threats to privacy and safety, financial loss, as well as potentially irreversible damage to the Client’s reputation. By reviewing a Client’s current situation and their existing privacy procedures, and by interviewing key personnel, Janus can pinpoint areas that potentially place the Client at risk.  We will investigate the situation, offer support and provide privacy strategies to mitigate the risk. The end result is a comprehensive analysis outlining specific risks and detailed recommendations for specific strategies for Clients to protect themselves and their assets.

Our company provides each of our Clients with “360° Protection”™ by providing superior investigations and assessments, along with educating and encouraging our Clients and their representatives to think proactively about their own safety and privacy challenges.  We assist them by providing them with step-by-step solutions to manage the challenges associated with their celebrity. Unlike other corporations who hire interns and otherwise inexperienced individuals to work on (and then invoice) their cases, Janus only works with the best and most experienced professionals in the field.  We are happy to work with pre-existing security personnel in a collaborative, rather than a competitive environment in order to offer our Clients the best.  We keep our operating costs low and are able to offer our Clients reasonable pricing for the same level of high quality service. We realize that in today’s economy, getting more for your dollar is more important than ever, and Janus looks forward to serving you.  

Janus Investigative Solutions (License # PI 26046) specializes in safety and privacy solutions for those in the entertainment industry, as well as corporations and private individuals. For more information, contact us at (818) 973-2203 or visit us on the web:  www.JanusInvestigativeSolutions.com.