We " Meteor Co.,Ltd " are one the largest used vehicle exporters In Japan.Since established in 2008, we have grown fast and stably due to continuous support from over thousand of customers around the world. Today, we sell quality and affordable Japanese used vehicles to more than 50 countries directly from Japan. JapanCarsDirect.com is ultimate on-line shop where you can find all kind of Japanese vehicles at the Lowest price you 've ever seen.    

Here's what we offer,

   Direct trade from users to End-users
   Cut wasteful cost revolutionary to realize the lowest margin.
   Professional inspection & services
   Experienced staff assists your purchasing
   Back up Spare parts

Our mission is deliver mobility to customers to change the world.

We have launched Japanese used car On-line Shop, JapanCarsDirect.com to
reach end user's demand of Cheap used vehicles. Within our On-line shop
& Direct delivery, Customers can choose a vehicle easily and purchase with
peace of mind because all vehicles are already inspected, maintained and
washed before listed on the website. We are ready to support your car
purchase even if it is the first time to buy.