Jared Lee Taylor FKA Grand Agent is a rapper turned producer-playwright. He got his start in the early 90’s, running the streets of Philadelphia with a crew called NAME. His solo career began with the 2001 release of the cult classic By Design. Jared’s parent label, Groove Attack, was based in Cologne, Germany where he would relocate to maximize his deal. While in Europe he toured the continent many times over, performing and recording with the likes of legends: Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, Large Pro, Common, Madlib, Hi-Tek and many more among them.

After ten years in the rap game, and at least as many albums released, Jared found he had a knack for producing in general when he created and successfully pitched a TV pilot in LA. While there he began writing lyrics for music libraries including Megatrax, Jack D. Elliot and John Fulford Music. His last post in Hollywood before returning to the east coast was as a script analyst. All the while Jared continued to record and release rap records under the Grand Agent pseudonym.

With his return to the east coast in 2016, came another unexpected return to his roots. A band mate in his original crew NAME, Ozzie Jones, had long since become a successful theater director. When he suggested Jared take one of his songs and imagine what happens in the story after the record goes off, a Hip-Hop playwright was born.