JARNAGIN APPRAISAL IS A FULL SERVICE RESIDENTIAL APPRAISAL COMPANY SERVING METRO PHOENIX SINCE 1989.  David Jarnagin (owner/appraiser) has been appraising in Metro Phoenix since 1983.
Our company utilizes the latest technology to research both the subject property and competing market areas.  Our database consists of numerous resources for data collection and verification.  These resources include DSL internet access, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), RealQuest, FEMA (flood), Landiscor (zoning) and online cost estimating services.  We also maintain  our own database full of Real Estate information and prior appraisals (over 30,000).
Our geographic service area is throughout the State of Arizona. Although our home office is located in Glendale, AZ, we accommodate appraisal opportunities to meet our clients needs in outlying counties. Our primary areas of coverage are Maricopa and Pinal Counties.
Check out our real estate brokerage services at www.skeensandjarnagin.com.  David Jarnagin is an active real estate broker in the State of Arizona and has been involved in sales & acquisitions since 1983.  Primarily dealing in land uses for industrial development.

Both companies new location is situated in the Bank of America Plaza in the heart of downtown Glendale, Arizona. We are strategically positioned to accommodate your appraisal needs in the Metro Phoenix market area.
We have appraisers approved for conventional and FHA loan products. We offer real estate appraisal expertise for residential, land and small income properties. The types of appraisal assignments completed have been for listings, sales, mortgages, corporate transfers, equity, PMI removal, IRS donations, divorce, estate, REO, historical values and litigation. We work with banks, relocation companies, credit unions, mortgage and finance companies, brokers, attorneys, accountants, and individuals. We also review appraisals.