Arranging insurance correctly and updating it helps avoid insurance disputes. The people we help are managing directors, business owners and charity executives who wanted to protect their income and reputation. Typically, they already have insurance, hope it will pay out, yet are not 100% certain that it will. The "living proof" is in our testimonials here and on the website.

Our blogs and top tips provide free information for everyone in a format they can understand. If they are not 100% certain their claims will be paid they can contact us to find out about our free 1 hour consultation.

So who do you know that would like to address insurance concerns?

Specialties: Accountants introduce us to their clients because they value our passion for getting claims paid. Do you know a good accountant who wants to drive their clients towards peace of mind and reduced costs, within 30 days?

A five minute conversation determines if anything we’re doing may be of benefit to them. I am happy to introduce you to anyone in my network who may be able to help you. Get in touch and we can work out exactly who they might be.