Calgary, CANADA

Drink Coffee? Get Healthy with Every Cup with a new product: Java Elixir!
Java Elixir announces the release of their liquid health supplement line, formulated specifically for coffee.  The company has chosen the Indiegogo platform to launch their concept.

Java Elixir has one very clear mission: “To change the way we consume coffee and inspire you to craft your own cup of wellness!” To get you there, Java Elixir uses high quality natural ingredients, creating products to support and enrich your life.
After extensive research, Java Elixir is launching three products that will help your everyday life with each sip of coffee:
•     Focus+: enhances your cognitive functions
•     Immunity: improves your immune system
•     Detox: cleanses the kidneys and liver

Chris Tester, founder, has always had a gift for health and wellness and a passion for getting people on the right track with their bodies. In the last 10 years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor, he has been working to improve the everyday health of the people around him.

Chris Kim, co-founder, has been a successful business developer in the health industry for over 10 years and has worked amongst some of the best fitness trainers in North America. A business strategist, he is currently pursuing his JD in Law at the University of Calgary with a focus on Corporate and Commercial law.

The concept of Java Elixir came suddenly: “Why not take something almost everybody drinks, and have it also enhance their basic health and wellness?” Following this crazy idea, (and he’s not a stranger to pursuing crazy things; he drove from Toronto to Buenos Aires following a dream to travel through South America), he dove into the science needed to make Java Elixir happen.   After partnering with Chris Kim, the two decided to launch the idea on Indiegogo.

For more information about how Java Elixir can help you, visit www.javaelixir.com to craft a cup of wellness! You can also view the Indiegogo campaign, by visiting http://igg.me/at/javaelixir.

Interviews and Photos available on request.

Press Contact: ChrisKim@JavaElixir.com