Our approach is different from anything you’ve tried in the past. It begins with a head-to-toe assessment, to determine where you’re at physically. From there, we take those needs and merge them with your specific goals, to create a program that is truly unique to you.

At Jacksonville Fitness Academy we use a Small Group Training method.  This means that we provide individualized coaching in a group environment.  It is up to six members, each with their own program, on the floor at the same time with a trainer.  This method has proven to be far superior to old school one on one training.

There is strength in numbers.

Research shows that social support not only motivates members during their workouts (Keep it up! You got this! One more!), but also creates accountability.  This is instrumental in keeping you consistent with your training schedule.

It is never boring.

Nothing can kill your motivation like boredom. Having a fresh social environment (other people training with you) each time you come in to do your program provides a new set of stimulus that can improve your ability to learn and grow. For some people it can be healthy competition with your friends, for others, it’s a greater sense of belonging.