Q. How are my clothes valued by JeanBank?
A. Your JeanBank Founders Balance is based on two fair, equitable starting points - the original Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (The Sticker Price of clothing or what it sold for new without discounts) and current Condition. Depositors agree to exchange goods at these fair and relatively generous values as determined by our formula. Obviously a third variable, Interest in a particular style, brand, size or age will soon be a big factor in determining the value of goods.
Our M$RP for Brands page shows price ranges which are multiplied by current Condition. For example, all of Macys and Dillards 2009 Fall lines have been added to our database. Deposit Grane jeans your M$RP range is $20-25 but deposit 7 for All Mankind and your M$RP range is $165-215. What you actually paid is not a factor which is great for savy buyers. Condition is important as will be Interest soon.

    Your Deposit = M$RP x Condition x Interest[soon]

Q. What does it cost besides a little time?
A. You probably bought great clothing with hard earned money and are reluctant to give it away for free, especially the 'good stuff'. Save your cash and give your old money new life supplying your needs and fulfilling your desires. JeanBanking a mini-wardrobe instead of just 1 pair of jeans while others enjoy the mini-wardrobe you never wear. Put your Saved stuff to good use! Shipping, supplies and door-to-door service runs $10 and change from USPS, your only expense.
Q. What's in a Deposit Box?
A. If it fits in the box try it! We're guided by blue jeans and the casual attire that goes with them including hats, jewelry, outerwear and accessories. Mixed boxes with different sizes or genders are okay. Neither age nor size matters (you'll never see PLUS on a size) in our World of Blue Jeans and the casual attire jean lovers wear. There is no Deposit limit on casual wearable G'old you've been Saving for untold reasons. Turn it into a Savings Deposit Box! Pack the free USPS 11"x13"x3+" medium flat-rate box to it's limit. We favor extreme squeezing!
      That's it! FOUNDER'S DEPOSITS made by 01/31/10 will double and be available 28 days from date of first deposit or immediately if your goods are withdrawn. Withdrawal of your Box brings you additional funds. OUR REWARD TO YOU FOR BEING A FOUNDING DEPOSITOR. We hope your participation will contribute to the success of the JeanBank. FAQ - What if I don't wear pre-worn clothing?" This Summer we'll announce  a donation program where you can donate all or part of your deposit to the charity of your choice! Even your local church or non-profit organization. Best part is you can add your Deposit now and redeem your tax deduction later.