Quality in the legal field is never cheap. Neither is losing a case.

Legal representation is like most things: you get what you pay for.

If you’re hungry for a top-quality hamburger, you don’t expect to pay $1.99, and you don’t go to a fast food restaurant. If you’re looking for bottom of the barrel legal services, don’t hire me. Hire one of the lawyers who get by on volume and whose faces you see on a hundred different billboards.

If your case involves a personal injury or accident, then hiring me is a win-win situation. You get quality representation without paying anything up front.  I only get paid if we have a profitable result on your case.

But if you’re looking for excellent representation without outrageous fees, then consider my firm. If your case does not involve a personal injury or accident, then I will charge an up-front retainer and bill against that retainer at an hourly rate. In the event that I finish your case before I have used the retainer, I’ll refund the balance.

In other words, if you’re looking for honest representation at a fair price, let’s talk.