Jeevom.com is the most convenient healthcare platform for all preventive, curative and wellness needs. This ubiquitous platform powered by BizCloud connects the consumers to the service providers in the healthcare space through a multitude of applications available on your preferred mobile devices and web browsers. This "Cloud n Crowd" Solution simplifies the day to day life of healthcare professionals, business owners and consumers. This "Big & Mighty" B2B/B2C SaaS platform for the masses could not have been built without our team's excellent craftsmanship, endurance and commitment. We take pride in each baby step that powered the realization of this grand vision.

Jeevom Healthcare Private Limited, is a well funded and fast growing start-up based out of Noida. Scaling for an exponential growth, Jeevom's foundation is based on innovation and people friendly culture. Highly energized employees are committed to the delighted customers and elated end users.