Jeff Grimes and Associates represent criminal defendants in Clarksville, Montgomery County and surrounding communities in Tennessee.  The firm defends cases involving misdemeanor or serious felony offenses including juvenile crimes, domestic violence, drug crimes, sex crimes, homicide, robbery and theft, probation violations, Orders of Protection, as well as other violent or non-violent crimes.  It is crucial to have an effective defense and an attorney protect the constitutional rights of the defendant from the time of arrest and throughout the entire legal process.  A lawyer can challenge any evidence presented by the prosecution such as victim reports, forensics, police records, warrants, property seizure, and others.  The attorneys with the firm understand the difficulties that individuals experience when faced with the prospect of spending time in jail, paying large fines and other possible penalties that can cause financial hardship and other disruptions in a household.  To learn more about the firm and its lawyers, visit http://www.jeffrygrimes.com.