Jehovahjireh Publishing Mission:


Jehovahjireh Publishing's mission is to be Ambassadors of Christ as we strive to advance the Kingdom of God by establishing, in the earth realm, an organization that is focused on publishing faith-based media for the body of Christ in order to bring glory to God through our purpose as living sacrifices in this life for Him...

Some Services Offered at Jehovahjireh Publishing:

Book Publishing ($400.00 and up)

Whenever you publish a book, it is important that you cover all your bases. As a result, we have experienced staff who are capable of implementing a finished product that will not only sell, but minister to those whose lives you are ordained to touch. We have solutions in place that will help you get your paperback, spiral bound, or digital media published in a matter of weeks.

Digital Media Design ($100.00 and up)

We specialize in converting books, brochures, magazines,  church directories, and photography into digital, economically-friendly designs that range from e-books, digital portfolios, athletic recruiting e-portfolios, digital flash resumés, e-catalogs, copyright services, self-publishing solutions, and more.

Editorial and Cover Designs ($250 and up)

Whether you have a book in print that needs redesigning, or you are interested in self-publishing your first title, our designers can customize a book cover, as well as spruce up the layout of your books, manuals, or training documents.




Faith-based Workshops/Seminars (Request a quote)

We will create digital presentations, training media, and e-modules for workshops/seminars for those who have been blessed to serve in a teaching capacity. A facilitator should always be prepared with professionally created publications and media that is of the highest quality. If you have a workshop, Sunday school, or Bible study that you are looking to present in a way that is effective, or just interested in having your learning materials converted into an e-manual or digital format, we have some solutions just for you. Likewise, we issue referrals, should you express a need in obtaining a facilitator for a workshop, conference, or seminar. Call us to set up your free consultation today.