My art is a manifestation of the merging of my inner and outer worlds, a meditation on the parallel but often conflicting experiences of internal and external identities. Just as any act of creation reveals the shifting essences of the temporal energies within each moment spent creating, so the finished painting reflects the qualities of my mind throughout the artistic process.
My medium is an active participant in the dialogue—not a passive, inert substance. Resin, dyes, inks, and pigments are the vehicle for transformation, a literal conduit for the revelation of inner experience materializing in a tangible, external plane. Yet simultaneously the materials have wills of their own, and getting them to work together is a dance. Through engaging each medium’s unique characteristics, a sophisticated dance is begun, a dance of listening and learning rather than imposing and conquering, the thesis and antithesis of my artistic intention synthesizing with understanding the physical characteristics of the mode of representation.

Jennifer not only has a large inventory of art, she also works with commissions, to make a piece that compliments your home, business, and any location where you need complete a space.

Please call for pricing information, and a consultation for a unique piece made for you.

All paintings are orginals, and can not be replicated.