Girls Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the world today. Becoming good at it requires muscle memory in the hands, wrists and arms. Your Stickwork Will Save You provides a 40 day process to improve the very basis of your game: your stick skills. Be the best lacrosse player you can be!

Dr/Coach Jen Milus has been in sports performance enhancement and injury rehab since 1985 and private practice in sports medicine for over 15 years. Dr. Milus is dedicated to helping athletes perform at peak levels, as well as prevent and treat sports related injuries. She has been a team doctor to several bay area sports teams, attending to a wide range of sports injuries. This breadth of knowledge impacts the way she coaches, trains and teaches her players… with injury prevention always at the forefront.

When training athletes of any level, having an understanding of what an athlete is going through both physically and mentally is paramount. Jen Milus has just this understanding. Dr. Milus is a Palmer College of Chiropractic West  Alumni. She has completed The Chiropractic Sports Physician Program at Palmer College of Chiropractic. She has also completed Certification as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. She is certified to coach through the California Interscholastic Federation, and she has coached varsity high school lacrosse for 3 years.

Further, she has competed at elite levels as a distance and ultra distance runner. Dr. Milus has also competed in triathlons, mountain biking, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, obstacle course racing, racquetball, volleyball, golf and body building. She also played high school and college lacrosse, and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Milus has been a sports coach for 15 years. She has coached softball, soccer, and is currently a lacrosse coach. She has worked with young athletes to collegiate and Olympic level phenoms. She has trained men, women, and children to enhance their power, agility and strength while preventing and treating their injuries. Empowering an athlete gives confidence which spans to other areas of their life. This empowerment helps fulfill dreams through positive physical and psychological momentum.

Coach Milus started Blue Dog Lax in an effort to fill the need for the growth of the sport in the Bay Area.  The goal is to make the players and the team the best they can possibly be through persistent,  intense coaching and perfect practice. Some players have been created here, and some have been transformed.  Many have not been up to the task. We move on…  not for the faint of heart. …

“Play Hard or Go Home!”