Based in Oak Park, Illinois, Jenny Bienemann is an award-winning singer/songwriter, poet, and photographer.  

Described as falling “somewhere between winking innocence and worldly detachment” by Waterbug Records, her music has underscored film, TV and theatre projects.  Her five albums garner international airplay.

She offers private song coaching, has led songwriting workshops at Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters and the Friendly School of Music, and is currently on the staff of the Old Town School of Folk Music.

She is an accomplished poet and photographer, and her work is collected in "Haiku Milieu: photos and haiku for you, every where you are."  

The Haiku Milieu audiobook describes the photos to make them accessible to those with vision loss, and is underscored with her original music remixed by Mikhail Fiksel.  Her daily photo and haiku posts have earned a devoted following.