Formed in early 2001 Indie Results began it's journey as a computer repair, website design, and small business marketing company. After years of varying levels of success in those fields, Indie Results repositioned to focus on our most successful strength: internet marketing. Studying search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and email marketing, we began to corner our local market with dominating online strategies for small businesses and private practices.

In some time we refined our skills, grew our team, and started handling more national accounts, competing in tough markets like insurance and mortgages while also specializing in the automobile sector with our company "SEO For Dealers". Our success on the local and national levels, along with a strong reputation in the automobile sector, has allowed us to enter almost any market we wish with a high level of success.

In addition to dealerships, we have now expanded to specialize in local internet marketing services for other small businesses, such as dentists, couselors, chiropractors, lawyers, eye doctors, veterinarians and other private practices.

It has always been our mission, and mantra that internet marketing really is for everyone, from small local business to huge global companies and we designed our company around that. Our clients dominate markets sometimes on as little as a few hundred dollars a month and we strive to forge long term relationships over the typical client provider type.

It really is our mission to help companies of all sizes, from Independent to Corporate we will completely dedicate ourselves to your success by making YOU the authoritative source for information in your niche. As experts in local search and private practice internet marketing, we provide the highest quality of service and make it our goal to get you the results you need. We give you the freedom of not having to worry about your online marketing efforts on your own so you are free to handle other aspects of your business or take some time to relax.

Managing accounts that recieve up to 1 million unique organic visitors a month has taught us that anything is possible. It doesn't matter if you plan on focusing on just one or all of our services. We have a track record of success with all types of businesses and all types of situations. If you are reading this we would really like to meet you and discuss some of your short term and long term goals, then discuss how together, we can achieve them.