The World's Leading Hard Drive Service Products

Ji2, Inc. strives to provide customers with the best engineering solutions possible to meet their needs. Our main goal is to create positive and productive business relationships with both our partners and customers.

Our expertise is in the customized design of various hard drive test equipment and related control software and hardware. We personally take responsibility for the research, design, installation, service, and quality assurance measures for all of our products, which guarantees that we can meet, and even exceed, the expectations and needs of our customers. Some of our satisfied customers include several fortune 500 companies who are well known in the electronics industry.

Because of our engineering orientation, we began by developing hard drive duplicators in Japan and supplying them to top Japanese companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. We take pride in bringing products to our industrial customers that allows them the agility, reliability, and accuracy that our field requires.

In response to the recent popularity of hard drives as a common mass media storage unit, we have developed many professional tools such as personal and industrial duplicators, testers, analyzers, and erasers to meet all level of customers needs. Our products have received highly positive recognition across the board for reliability and productivity.

Hard Drive Duplicators

Ji2 offers the world's leading hard drive duplicators, ranging from single port duplicators to large scale mass duplicators. Ji2's hard drive duplicators provide cost-effective solutions for consumer electronics production, system maintenance and hard drive integrity testing and address all HDD duplication needs, from small scale personal duplication to large scale production duplication. Ji2's high-speed HDD duplicator solutions offer sector-to-sector copy, data-only copy, data recovery copy, forensic copy, and test/wipe functions, with support for ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel hard drives.

Hard Drive Test, Wipe and Repair Tools

We offer a wide range of hard drive testers with test, wipe, erase, and repair functions that are ideal for hard disk recycling, HDD recertification, asset management, and data security. Our testers are equipped with a quick test for hard drive evaluation, SMART test, bad sector repair, and various HDD wipe functions. Ji2's hard drive testers come in wide range of configurations from 1 to 40 ports and with ATA, SATA, SAS, SCSI, and Fibre Channel hard drive support to meet any customer's needs.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools

Our specialized line of hard drive data recovery products are designed to enable industry professionals to diagnose, recover, and copy damaged or unstable hard drives with ease. Our flagship product, the Atola Insight, is a full data recovery suite, which increases your success rate and reduces your invested time by offering features for all aspects of data recovery, such as hard drive diagnostics, imaging, file/partition recovery, and firmware repair. The Ninja also offers data recovery functions that are ideal for use in the first stage of data recovery. Supported hard drive interfaces include ATA, SATA, SCSI and SAS.

Computer Forensics Tools

Ji2's computer forensic product line includes hard drive duplicators for forensic imaging/data acquisition, data recovery, and hard drive password removal tools. Our high-speed forensic duplicators image suspect hard disks into the DD Image or sector-to-sector formats while skipping bad sectors encountered during the copy. These imagers are also ideal for use in the first stage of data recovery because of their automated diagnostics, firmware repair, imaging and file/partition recovery functions. Our hard drive password removal tool, the Shinobi, unlocks hard disks locked with ATA passwords in less than 2 minutes.

You're in Good Hands with Ji2 Services

Ji2 data recovery, hard drive duplication and CompactFlash card duplication services are always managed and performed by experienced professionals using nothing but the best high-end products for the job. We perform a range of services for a range of customers with task managers maintaining chain of custody throughout the entire process in all cases. At Ji2, we are obsessed with deadlines, data security and safety of property. Your data and property is always safe with us.